About us

CoachingOurselves was founded in 2007 by Henry Mintzberg, Philip LeNir, Sasha Sadilova, and Jonathan Gosling. CoachingOurselves brings Henry Mintzberg's approach to management education directly into the workplace with our catalog of 90 minute peer-coaching modules written by over 45 management and business thinkers.

Each module is used to guide one 90-minute peer-coaching session with a small group of managers facilitated by a trained manager-champion or external facilitator. The sessions are organized into a unique and cost effective leadership development program for middle to senior managers run directly inside the organization and facilitated by the managers themselves. Manager learn from, and coach, each other, and organizations develop capacity to develop themselves.

Some of our global partners have created their own introductions to CoachingOurselves. You can download our introduction to CoachingOurselves one pager, watch the animated introduction by our Australian partner, or the Brazilian introduction to CoachingOurselves.

In 2014, over 15,000 managers participated in these programs in 8 languages around the world.

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