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CoachingOurselves was founded in 2007 by Henry Mintzberg, Philip LeNir, Sasha Sadilova, and Jonathan Gosling. CoachingOurselves brings Henry Mintzberg's approach to management education directly into the workplace with our catalog of 90 minute discussion guides written by over 45 management and business thinkers.

In 2003, Phil LeNir was a senior director searching for a way to help his management team work through the difficult challenges resulting from the .dot com crash. Without time or money, he needed a solution with immediate business impact. With the support of Henry Mintzberg, Phil experimented with management and leadership development based on the learning philosophy pioneered by Henry and his colleagues in the International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM).

The result is a novel approach based on 90 minute group discussions guided by a CoachingOurselves topic discussion guide. Each topic is written by a management and business thinker using their pedagogy and content to stimulate and guide dialog. This enables reflection, collaborative learning, team bonding, and management and leadership development.

The topic discussion guides are delivered as an on-demand performance support resource for self-directed leadership coaching and team development across an enterprise, the 20% of a 70:20:10 model. They are also used as 90-minute workshops, as HR business partner toolkits, and in a variety of custom implementations supported by a global networks of partners.

There are over 45 world renowned management and business thinkers developing topic discussion guides. We sell licenses to use our topic discussion guides per-person per-topic, or yearly subscription for unlimited use of our entire catalog for an organization.

The CoachingOurselves mission is to help as many managers as possible to improve their practice of management.

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