Below are some testimonials from organizations using our 90-minute reflective discussion modules. For more, download some of our case studies or contact us.

McGill University

Johanne Houle, Director of OD

"In 2013, we launched a series of CoachingOurselves Reflection Cafes (90-minute workshops)  with managers and professionals from cross-sections of McGill University. These sessions were  easy to administer: we could choose from the CoachingOurselves catalog of over 75 manage- ment and leadership topics and facilitate them ourselves. The C.O. team was extremely helpful  in recommending topics that were appropriate to readiness, participant profiles, and emergent  needs in the face of important culture change.

Within a couple of months, various units and departments began requesting CoachingOurselves  sessions for their management teams and some managers in turn adopted the approach with  their small, intact teams. Managers who had volunteered to support and facilitate groups during  the reflection cafes were now acting as champions, volunteering to support new management  teams throughout the university. The results have been excellent, with continued success and  growth of the concept throughout our internal population of almost 1700 managers and team  leaders.

I highly recommend that other organizations try CoachingOurselves as it has proven to be an invaluable tool for learning  and organizational development at McGill University. "

Training Media Review

Mireille Massue, Training Media Review, April 2011, Awarded CoachingOurselves 3.5 out 4 stars.

"Companies that believe success is defined by the people they hire will be--and should be--very interested in CoachingOurselves. Their materials don't push large quantities of proprietary theory at people. Users are given thoughtful content that accentuates practice."

City of Ottawa

Susan Jones, Chief License Inspector and the Director of the By-law and Regulatory Services Branch

“We had our CoachingOurselves session a few weeks ago, there were five of us there.  There were two that I asked to come who I know did not want to be there but I asked for their support to try it and see if they found it worked. I must admit I was a little skeptical about it.

Much to my surprise, it turned out to be a great session and the feedback was very supportive.  The CoachingOurselves session ended up lasting 2 hours and everyone wanted to stay and discuss longer.  I was amazed at how people opened up.”

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Carol Nagele-Vitalis HR Development Manager

“No time. It's the battle cry of our management group. They are hungry for the opportunity to try on new ideas and concepts but struggle with how to learn something new and keep up with all the day to day operations. They also appreciate building their skills with their peers. 

The Coaching Ourselves approach is learner driven and respectful of the expertise and experience managers already bring to the job. This approach encourages the learner to connect the theory with the everyday operations in a format that is "doable" for a "working" manager.”


Marlin Watling, HR Business Partner

"Coaching ourselves is the right solution at the right time. When we introduced this to the managers, they said, ‘This is the best approach we have seen in a long time. It is close to what we do. We can use it right away. No fluff.’ It is very easy and flexible and puts the people topic on the agenda."

Nuway Software

Peter Neely, President

“Through the CoachingOurselves exercises, our team was able to work through a core cultural issue that was stalling our growth. The exercises forced our team members to dig down to the root cause quickly and effectively. CoachingOurselves is a must for any company working through change." 


HR Manager from Bombardier Aerospace

“Our managers don’t like CoachingOurselves, they love it!"

University of British Columbia

Gisèle Bourgeois-Law MD, MEd, FRCSC, Associate Dean, Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine

We have been running monthly 90 minute CoachingOurselves sessions with mixed groups of staff and (clinical and tenured) faculty in one of our distributed sites for over a year now. CoachingOurselves is by far one of the most innovative and cost effective approaches to leadership development.

Each of the 75 topic discussion modules are unique and focused on a different management theme. All participants get really involved in each session, they all learn something from each other and look forward to the next session.

We highly recommend CoachingOurselves 90-minute discussion modules to other organizations looking for a group based reflective approach to management and leadership development."

Cirque Du Soleil

Bernard Petiot, VP Casting & Performance

"I participated with great interest in the CoachingOurselves development session with my management team. We chose “Foresight” as our theme. The approach included some reading and questions carefully constructed for managers. No prior preparation is needed, and the only tool required is a document written by internationally renowned thinkers.

Working in groups of four to five, this method was thought-provoking and led to fruitful and lively discussion. It also enabled us to share our experience and savoir-faire, which in my opinion is one of the strengths of this approach—drawing from each person’s knowledge and sharing it against a backdrop of credible information from reputable authors.

We are preparing for another development session, targeting a theme in line with management expectations in Cirque’s current context. I foresee organizing such opportunities for development on a regular basis."


Chieko Kamiyama, Global Marketing and Sales

"It has been the best training program I've experienced over the 30 years since I joined the company."

Syngenta Crop Protection AG

Rob Neill, Head of Global Marketing

“We structure a CoachingOurselves breakfast session ahead of each regular management team meeting. It’s consistently turned out to be one of the most valuable parts of the day. The team really enjoys the opportunity to step outside of the demands of the regular business, even if it’s only for 90 minutes. There’s enough diversity in the topics that we can always find a subject that is relevant to what we’re doing in the real world. CO has also helped develop us a lot better as a team.” 

Cathay Pacific Airways

Graham Barkus, Head of Organization Development

“Our core organizational learning issue has always been how to make it 'real' and relevant to the specific individuals and specific organizational context of the participants.  There's no shortage of approaches that 'do development to people'; we were looking for an approach to enable individuals to make their own development meaningful to them and benefit the organization.  In CoachingOurselves we found it” 

Alberta Health Services

Dr. Chris Eagle, CEO

"You wonder, how can something this simple work. But it creates thinking points. The process promotes better leadership through engagement. It has given us a common language of management. It is a structured conversation but does not impose a structure. It draws out our experience, relates to our felt needs."

Fujitsu Business Consulting

Mr. Kentaro Iijima, Senior Corporate Vice President

"The (CoachingOurselves) sessions have become a precious 'BA' where 'lonely' managers can reflect on their management style and talk with their colleagues frankly."

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