The CoachingOurselves leadership training approach develops soft skills, builds trust, enables knowledge sharing, and creates a culture of learning. There are hundreds of organizations around the world who have benefited from our new approach to leadership and management skills development.

Cirque Du Soleil

Bernard Petiot, VP Casting & Performance

"I participated with great interest in the CoachingOurselves development session with my management team. We chose “Foresight” as our theme. The approach included some reading and questions carefully constructed for managers. No prior preparation is needed, and the only tool required is a document written by internationally renowned thinkers. Working in groups of four to five, this method was thought-provoking and led to fruitful and lively discussion.

Nissan, Global Marketing and Sales Planning Department


"It has been the best training program I've experienced over the 30 years since I joined the company."

Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Basel Switzerland

Rob Neill, Head of Global Marketing

"(CoachingOurselves) has consistently turned out to be one of the most valuable parts of the day."

Cathay Pacific Airways

Graham Barkus, Head of Organization Development

"Our core organizational learning issue has always been how to make it 'real' and relevant to the specific individuals and specific organizational context of the participants... In CoachingOurselves we found it...

Alberta Health Services, Staff of 117,000 people

Dr. Chris Eagle, CEO

"You wonder, how can something this simple work. But it creates thinking points. The process promotes better leadership through engagement. It has given us a common language of management. It is a structured conversation but does not impose a structure. It draws out our experience, relates to our felt needs."

Fujitsu Business Consulting, Japan

Mr. Kentaro Iijima, Senior Corporate Vice President

"The (CoachingOurselves) sessions have become a precious 'BA' where 'lonely' managers can reflect on their management style and talk with their colleagues frankly."

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