Using CoachingOurselves

The CoachingOurselves 90-minute reflective discussion modules are used for team development, peer coaching, leadership development and organizational change. In each session a group of 5-6 managers from a similar level or an intact team works through a 90-minute module. They meet in person or on a conference or video call.  

The process is facilitated by one of the senior participants, or by a certified coach or facilitator with expertise anchoring and directing discussions for greater organizational impact. CoachingOurselves is highly effective for improving collaboration, building trust, learning from and coaching each other, and (re)building a sense of community in the organization.

Using our modules organizations or coaches and facilitators deliver:

  • 90-minute peer coaching interventions using any one of our over 75 modules. With a series of modules groups can work in depth on development and organizationl change themes; such as enhancing strategic thinking, improving teamwork, understanding and changing culture, and more.
  • 90-minute workshops/reflection cafes for cohorts of 10 to 250 participants. When used with larger groups our modules enables organizations to build community, align around common values and goals and break down silos.

Program designers use our modules to create a variety of solutions. For example:

  • Starting a number of groups at different levels in an organization, and selecting a curriculum of modules aligned with a common change model results in a highly effective change program. 
  • Assigning modules to participants in a leadership program for use between classroom events adds a self-guided peer learning and peer coaching component.
  • Using our modules quarterly with small groups of leadership program alumni adds a continuous learning element to any leadership and management program.

To learn more about using CoachingOurselves visit our downloads page to access case studies, academic papers and videos. 

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