How it works

With a CoachingOurselves program managers learn from, and coach each other and your organization builds capacity to develop itself. The building block to a CoachingOurselves program is a 90-minute peer-coaching session self-run by a group of 4-6 managers. One of the managers facilitates using our CoachingOurselves modules to guide the learning.

A peer-coaching program starts by training manager-champions to facilitate the sessions for their peers. They then run a series of 90-minute peer-coaching sessions for the participants, usually 6 sessions over 6 months. The program closes with an evaluation.

We have over 80 peer-coaching modules covering a wide range of leadership and soft skills. The reflection and group dialog guided by our modules is the most powerful tool you have for management and leadership development. Our programs are used by over 15,000 managers in 8 languages, helping organizations large and small achieve their business goals through increased organizational and leadership effectiveness.

CoachingOurselves is also used by certified HR professionals as a versatile and flexible tool for learning and organizational development.

Contact us to learn more about our programs and process, purchase modules or become a certified in CoachingOurselves. 

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