Using CoachingOurselves

In a CoachingOurselves program participants are organized into small groups of 4-6. They get together for 90 minute sessions, once per month, in person or virtually. One manager in each group is specially trained to facilitate the learning with a CoachingOurselves module.

The learning comes through reflection and group dialogue guided by our modules conceptual material, questions and exercises.We have over 80 modules that cover a wide range of leadership and soft skills. The result is a powerful peer-coaching leadership development program, custom designed for your organizations' needs, significantly less costly than an external classroom based program, and facilitated and run by your own managers.

The Cascading Program:

  • For high potential development, developing "whole" leaders, creating a culture of coaching, developing a sense of community and more.
  • Managers learn from, and coach, each other.
  • The organization builds capacity to develop itself.
  • This is up to 75% less expensive than a classroom based approach and far more effective than e-learning.
  • For cohorts of 15 to 125 middle or senior managers.

A 6 month cascading program has a huge impact on the individuals and the relationships/collaboration/trust between participants.

CoachingOurselves is also used by certified coaches, consultants and facilitators as a versatile and flexible tool for many types of learning and performance interventions. Learn more about using CoachingOurselves modules for your clients

CoachingOurselves modules are priced at $60 US per module per person.

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