Using CoachingOurselves

World renowned thinkers, such as Mintzberg, Schein, Adler, and Ulrich, author discussion modules on a broad range of management and leadership topics. Our 90-minute discussion modules are intended to be printed out and used by a team of 5 or 6 managers meeting in person or phone/video call. One of the managers acts as the facilitator, or a "professional" internal or external facilitator/coach supports the session. CoachingOurselves sessions are the building blocks to programs that build trust, improve collaboration, and enable participants to share experiences and learn from each other.

  • CoachingOurselves On-demand allows organizations to offer self-directed collaborative learning to managers and leaders. This is an ideal self-serve solution for the 20% of 70:20:10.
  • CoachingOurselves Toolkits enables HR business partners to deliver targeted just- in-time interventions for a broad range of management and leadership challenges. Business partners can now respond in real time to their clients requests with high impact targeted interventions.
  • CoachingOurselves The 90-minute workshop can be run by you for cohorts of 15 or more. Break down silos, increase trust, and build a community of practice for managers and leaders in the organization.
  • CoachingOurselves Custom implementations allow you to tailor your own solution from a continuous learning program for your alumni cohorts, a customized 90-minute learning session during your all-day leadership forum, to a topic series customized for a non-profit organization. 

Transitioning to a culture of self-directed learning

One of the toughest challenges facing L&D teams offering oself-directed learning is the manager’s expectation that training will be done “to” them. We have plenty of experience helping L&D teams change this aspect of their organizational culture.

We help you establish those first wins from which others follow. We can help sell the approach to important stakeholders and socialize the wins to your management population. Contact us to discuss your challenges; it’s likely we’ve seen them before and can help. 

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